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For better renovation conditions

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Quebec has a maintenance deficit of about $2 billion per year, since renovation is penalized by the current method for fixing of rent, which only offers a return on investment after 37 years.

In addition, regulations in the field of construction, which are designed for large construction sites, are not logically standardized for the residential rental sector. It is time to provide Québec with a healthy business environment that encourages renovation and added value, for the benefit of all parties.

Every year, several units are left in poor condition during the lease and thousands of moves turn into a nightmare. Tenants are faced with difficult situations, moving into dwellings left in poor state, dirtied and damaged by former tenants. For their part, property owners must pay considerable sums, more than $150 million a year, to restore them into proper rental condition, preventing them from being able to reinvest into the improvement of these units.

Moreover, in Quebec, non-payment of rent is a real nuisance, with too few consequences for tenants who are often untraceable and/or insolvent. Each year, more than $250 million is lost by landlords in unpaid rents. Their recourse to the Tribunal administratif du logement (formerly Régie du logement) is most often in vain, as only 6% recover their total amount due.

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