Code of ethics and professional conduct for landlords

We would like to address a subject that certainly arouses passions among the members of the CORPIQ network. It is about the code of ethics and deontology.

First of all, we would like to reassure you that CORPIQ's objective is not to interfere in the contractual relations between landlords and tenants, which often fall under the jurisdiction of the Tribunal administratif du logement. Our objective is to promote the best professional practices.

What we want to do is to offer a training plan. It will be useful for landlords, but above all, it will allow everyone to be updated on the issues related to ethics and deontology in Quebec. As an organization, what we want is to act upstream; we don't want to be reactive to situations, because we believe it is important to move forward; in the eyes of the public, this allows us to show the highest standards and the best professional practices that you are already adopting.

Above all, we want to be better structured and better equipped in situations where one of our members may act outside the sandbox that we have collectively established as an organization.

The message and the invitation that we are presenting to you is to participate. We will meet with you, we will consult you, because we want to strengthen our organization. We also want to show that in Quebec, landlords are serious people who take the right actions, especially in terms of ethics and deontology.

We look forward to meeting you in the field.