Inclusion the right of a security deposit

CORPIQ has made progress in the past year on one of its most historic claims: the right for landlords to require a damage deposit at the signing of a lease, to cover damages to the unit or unpaid rent. This practice is only prohibited in Quebec, but CORPIQ is more confident than ever that the situation will soon change. In spring 2015, it gave its members tens of thousands of post cards, which they then sent to MPs throughout Quebec, informing them of the problems they face. CORPIQ also circulated a petition that garnered 12,483 signatures, which was presented to the National Assembly in September.

More recently, it presented a detailed proposal to the Office of the Minister of Municipal Affairs, which has jurisdiction over the Régie du logement. These steps have yielded results. The minister mentioned several times in public that he would seriously study the possibility of allowing landlords to demand a deposit, while stressing that a bill on this matter should ensure that a balance remains between landlords and tenants’ rights.

According to a CORPIQ survey, last year, 59% of landlords had at least one tenant whose rent was overdue by more than three weeks. Only 6% of property owners who brought the issue to the Régie du logement were able to recover the entire amount owed. Regarding damage to apartments, 15% were in a very bad state after the tenant left (requiring cleaning or repairs over $700) and 25% were in a bad state.