Preventing illegal tourist accommodation

The Government of Quebec has just passed Bill 67, requiring anyone who sublets an establishment to tourists “on a regular basis” to obtain a tourist accommodation classification certificate, or they could be fined between $2,500 and $25,000. According to a poll, CORPIQ is aware that 4% of tenants practice this lucrative activity, for which the building isn’t insured, and they usually do so without their landlord’s authorization.

CORPIQ defended landlords’ interests on this subject during the parliamentary committee. Knowing that the Régie du logement would take too long to deal with the matter, CORPIQ has asked the Minister of Tourism to hire enough investigators to quickly crack down on the tenants in question to stop these practices.

CORPIQ also demands that Section B of the lease be modified to clearly specify whether the landlord allows the tenant to sublet to tourists (in fact, Tourisme Québec requires a lease in order to provide a classification certificate.) Also, CORPIQ denounced Article 41.1 of the law, which declares responsible the owner of a building being illegally used as tourist accommodation, even if it is the tenant who is profiting from it. The Minister assured that the landlord’s statement in the lease would provide enough protection.