Simplify your leases renewal with Pronotif


Pronotif is a platform for creating, sending and tracking certified emails for property owners, managers and brokers. This service allows you to reach your tenants wherever they are, at any time and without having to go to the Post Office.

Simplify your leases renewal with Pronotif

Pronotif even offers a mailing template allowing you to add to the lease the tenant’s authorisation to communicate with them by email!

Certified email Undeniable advantages Legal proof

Ideal to communicate with your tenants, but also your business partners, brokers and contractors 

Whether you pay-as-you-go or purchase packages, Pronotif notifications will save you at least 50% of the price of registered mail 

Compliant with the code of civil procedure in Quebec and in several other jurisdictions, Pronotif brings you the same legal value as registered mail

Discover Pronotif and get two free notifications now. Furthermore, as a CORPIQ member, you get an extra 25% off!

Note: Pronotif is an application developed to take into account the Quebec legal framework. Users can also use it for notifications outside Quebec, however caution is recommended as long as there has been no validation.     

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