Attending IMMO 2018: Quebec’s #1 economic columnist, and the Regie’s most experienced judge


CORPIQ will provide property owners and managers with testimonials, financial information and advice never before seen at its annual IMMO 2018 event, which will bring together high level speakers. Among its star guests, CORPIQ is proud to announce the participation of the economic columnist Pierre-Yves McSween, as well as Pierre Gagnon, administrative judge at the Régie du logement for 35 years.

Attending IMMO 2018: Quebec’s #1 economic columnist, and the Regie’s most experienced judge

IMMO will be held on Wednesday, March 21 in Montreal and Saturday, March 24in Quebec City. Both events will be held in French.

For this 5th edition, IMMO 2018 is dedicated to the theme: Money and people - knowing how to invest where it counts. Participants will have access to valuable statistical data on real estate management and investment. To these detailed market analyzes will be added other conferences where tenants will be the focus of attention addressing the issues of the hour: the management of landlord-tenant conflicts, the legalization of cannabis, the clientele profiles and the growth of electronic payments.

IMMO 2018

Montreal - 10 conferences in one day

On the morning of March 21st, three speakers will, in turn, present a portrait of the market and its evolution.

Marie-France Benoit, Senior Director - Data Solutions for the Altus Group, will deliver the outlook for real estate returns in Quebec and Canada and ongoing development projects.

Tania Bourassa-Ochoa, senior market analyst at CMHC, who will unveil the factors influencing the profitability of the many condos offered for rent.

Hans Brouillette, Director of Public Affairs for CORPIQ, will present the operating ratios of apartment buildings based on data never before released to the public.

To complete the morning, the economic columnist, chartered professional accountant and well-known author Pierre-Yves McSween will deliver one of his rare lectures on his vision of an equivocal theme in a world where money is of great importance: Freedom, do you really need it?

In the afternoon, participants will be able to make three choices from six conferences on:

  • The legalization of cannabis
  • Disputes between owners and tenants
  • Electronic payment of rents
  • The future standards on molds
  • Looking for good tenants
  • The profile of tenant customers

Québec - 4 exciting conferences

For the first time, IMMO will also be presented in Quebec City in the form of four captivating lectures in the morning of Saturday, March 24th. Mr. Pierre Gagnon, administrative judge at the Régie du logement from 1980 to 2016 and author, will testify to his unequaled experience of disputes between landlords and tenants. It will be followed by a presentation of the outlook on the evolution of real estate yields, against the backdrop of the Québec City region, presented by Groupe Altus.

Subsequently, CORPIQ will present a conference at which will be revealed the operating ratios of rental properties. Finally, the Joli-Coeur Lacasse Avocats will provide a detailed analysis and valuable advice in the context of the imminent legalization of cannabis, with its impact on property management.

Participants must register in advance to attend IMMO 2018.

Check out the detailed schedule of the event.

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 21 March 2018
Hyatt Regency Hotel

8 Am to 4:30 Pm

 24 March 2018
Centre des congrès

8 Am to 12 Pm

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