The 3 reasons tenants move out


The main reason for tenants to move is the desire to stay in a dwelling of a different size, according to a survey conducted for CORPIQ with 550 renters from major urban areas of Quebec.

The 3 reasons tenants move out

Contrary to current information, at this time of lease renewal, rent is not the main reason why tenants wish to change their home. According to a probe made by L'Observateur on behalf of CORPIQ, it is primarily a matter of space that encourages them to find a new address. In fact, 25% of respondents want to move because they find their home too small (22%) or too large (3%).

The state of the dwelling (22%) and the purchase of a property (18%) are the other two main reasons why tenants want to change their home.

Note that these answers were collected in a survey conducted by a specialized firm. It is therefore likely that the reasons mentioned by tenants to explain their move are closer to reality than those they give their landlord.

It should also be noted that a tenant who wishes to move to pay a lower rent should take into account the market price in relation to the price of his current rent. Otherwise, he may have to resign himself to choosing a smaller dwelling or living in a less attractive neighbourhood in order to reduce rent payments.

More than six years in their home

On average, the tenants surveyed stayed in their home for 6.6 years. 45% had not moved for 10 years or more, compared to 15% that did so after one year or less.

According to data from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, 18.6% of dwellings changed occupants (turnover rate) in 2017.

Main reasons for tenants move

How many years have you lived in your current home?

Source: Survey conducted in 2014 by L'Observateur for CORPIQ

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