CORPIQ winners at the Mercuriades 2018

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CORPIQ has won the TELUS Web and Mobile Technology Development Award at the 38th edition of the prestigious Les Mercuriades competition. The gala event was held April 19 at the Palais des congrès de Montréal to recognize the best companies in Quebec.

CORPIQ winners at the Mercuriades 2018

Winner in the SME category, CORPIQ was chosen by the jury for its recent technological innovations in the field of rental housing, including Kangalou®, ProprioEnquête® and Pronotif ™.

"Property management is undergoing a technological revolution that allows for better relationships between landlords and tenants and saves a lot of time. CORPIQ invests in technological development and is proud to position itself more than ever as the leader in the real estate sector, "said CORPIQ General Manager Benoit Ste-Marie. We are honored by this recognition. "

In 2015, CORPIQ launched the Kangalou® web platform, which is revolutionizing the way in which landlords and tenants find housing. Kangalou® has quickly become the reference in the real estate field by being among the sites most used by tenants.

The ProprioEnquête® platform makes it possible to carry out very detailed and low-cost pre-rental screenings, 24 hours a day. After obtaining the personal information and authorization of the potential tenant, the landlord can perform several types of research that help make informed decisions. It reduces the financial risk and the risk of conflicts between the tenants of the building. ProprioEnquête® has experienced a boom since its inception in 2012 and is unmatched in the real estate sector.

CORPIQ’s latest online innovation is the Pronotif ™ service. This technological tool, developed in partnership with the Quebec company Lexop, allows homeowners to communicate with their tenants by certified emails, which guarantees the authenticity of the content and its transmission. It offers a much faster and cheaper alternative than registered mail or the use of a bailiff, while offering the reliability needed to constitute evidence in court.

"We would like to thank the 25,000 CORPIQ client-members who support our projects and use our services, as well as the hundreds of thousands of tenants who trust," said CORPIQ's General Manager.

CORPIQ continues to invest in the development of other technological projects that will soon further facilitate real estate management. Owners, managers and tenants will all benefit.

The Mercuriades competition is the most prestigious in the business sector and has been presented since 1981 by the Québec Federation of Chambers of Commerce.

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