Prohibit cannabis in your leases using Pronotif


The countdown has begun, you now have until January 15, 2019 to modify your leases in order to prohibit the use of cannabis in your dwellings. This is the perfect opportunity to use Pronotif, CORPIQ’s certified email platform, which frees you from the hassles of registered mailing.

Prohibit cannabis in your leases using Pronotif

Indeed, Pronotif is a tool used to send certified emails which is recognized by the Régie du logement and specially designed for real estate professionals. This system allows you to send emails with the same legal value as registered mail, no matter the location of your recipient. Not only will you no longer need to go to the Post Office, but you will save 50% of the price of standard registered mail! Pronotif even offers a mailing template allowing you to add to the lease the tenant’s authorisation to communication with them by email.

Certified Email Undeniable advantages Proof of transmission
Ideal for communicating with your tenants, but also your business partners, brokers and contractors Whether you pay-as-you-go or purchase packages, Pronotif notifications will save you at least 50% of the price of registered mail.

Compliant with the code of civil procedure in Quebec and in several other jurisdictions, Pronotif brings you the same legal value as registered mail.

As a CORPIQ member, you get 2 free notifications, as well as 25% off all packages!

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