ProprioEnquête reaches the next level!


It is now possible to link your ProprioEnquête® account with the online rental application, ProprioLocation. Forget about printing forms and manually entering your tenants information, everything is automated! All you will need is to receive your candidate's information for it to be immediately seized into ProprioEnquête®. While your only task will be to validate the application and get the results in record time!

ProprioEnquête reaches the next level!

Special care has been given to the graphic appearance of this new ProprioEnquête® so that it can be easily used on your mobile, tablet or computer. Clearer and more readable on mobile devices, you can now create a "live" credit check during your rental visits.

CORPIQ has sped up the process of collecting the necessary information to rent out an apartment. This daunting step is now simplified: just enter the information about your dwelling on ProprioLocation, then send the screening request to your candidate by email or SMS. The latter completes the form with his information before signing electronically. The electronic signature has all the necessary legal recognition. Once the application is completed, a copy is sent to you by email as well as on ProprioEnquête.

Selecting the imported copy on ProprioEnquête® allows you to pre-save the information provided by your candidate. Only a few clicks are needed to get a full credit report, always at a competitive price.

Our packages adapt to your needs and offer you the most reliable references on the market. You also have the opportunity to buy Proprio Points and receive discounts once you spend $ 50.
The more screenings you do, the more you save!

Go to ProprioEnquê and to discover the new possibilities offered by these two services.

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