Canada Post extending delays of reception for proof of delivery on registered mail


CORPIQ has discovered that a new internal policy recently implemented by Canada Post will greatly increase the time it takes to obtain proof of delivery of registered mail. While the proof of signature and the identification of the recipient were so far easily obtained on the Internet, it will now be necessary to call Canada Post services in order to receive these same documents by post.

Canada Post extending delays of reception for proof of delivery on registered mail

This measure is supposed to help protect the personal information of Canada Post's customers by adding an intermediary validating the identity of the person placing the request. However, the agent questioned by CORPIQ was incapable of explaining what security methods had been added. The media relations department which was contacted to confirm this information never returned our call.

According to the cases analyzed by CORPIQ, receiving proof of receipt of registered mail can take up to 3 weeks, or even more if we take into account the strikes in recent weeks. This new methodology is likely to cause significant harm to property owners who have obtained an emergency hearing at the Régie, as they may not be able to provide proof of delivery in due time.

Questioned by CORPIQ on future impacts, the spokesperson of the Régie du logement failed to answer us. It turns out he was not aware of this new regulation, and CORPIQ had to expose him to the issues at stake for both owners and tenants. However, he specifies that, in principle, there will be no change in the Régie's procedures allowing the parties to adapt to this new rule. Future cases will tell us more.

While waiting for the institutions to clarify their operations, CORPIQ recommends a more guaranteed method, such as Pronotif. Owners will protect themselves from hazardous delays and will not have to put their Régie cases at risk by bureaucratic inefficiency.

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