CORPIQ is looking for testimonials for July 1st


In this exceptional period of pandemic, several issues are foreseeable as July 1st approaches.

CORPIQ is looking for testimonials for July 1st

CORPIQ would like to gather testimonies from landlords who are facing a problematic situation, whether it is a dwelling left in very poor condition, items abandoned on the premises or a tenant who refuses to leave.

CORPIQ will be able to travel in the Montreal area between June 29 and July 2 to film and take pictures of the situation. 

If you live in the Montreal, Quebec City, Saguenay, Gatineau, Trois-Rivières, Granby or Sherbrooke areas and would be willing to have a journalist take pictures of the property, we could also contact you.

Write to CORPIQ at providing your name and phone number. CORPIQ will answer you promptly and confidentially.

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