In 2021, use the ProNotif tool to send your registered mail.


Optimize your rental management with the certified email service for real estate.

In 2021, use the ProNotif tool to send your registered mail.

In 2021, CORPIQ recommends that all Quebec landlords use the ProNotif tool for their communications requiring a proof of receipt. Easy to use, ProNotif is a simple, economical and reliable way to communicate with your tenants. In only a few clicks, you will be able to add your dwellings and the tenants who reside in them. Send them a consent request* to communicate via ProNotif and manage all your future communications. Send them your notices of rent increase, your RL-31 slips, lease amendments, notices of major works or repairs, repossession, etc.

A tool recognized by the Tribunal

This tool, which has proven itself before the Tribunal administratif du logement, also allows you to obtain complete reports of your landlord-tenant communications. For each sending, the ProNotif system keeps in memory the details of the exchanges: proof of sending, proof of transmission, opening of the document, replies from the tenant and much more. In fact, the system allows you to send e-mails that have the same legal value as registered mail, regardless of the location of the recipient.

Cheaper and more reliable than traditional mail

In addition to being less expensive than a traditional registered mail, ProNotif mailings guarantee proof that the tenant has received the document. Since this proof is essential when the time comes to exercise a right, such as knowing whether the lease is renewed under the new conditions or not, CORPIQ warns landlords about Canada Post and bailiff mailings since they do not always obtain the tenant's signature.  The Tribunal administratif du logement considers that a notice given to the tenant that denies receipt is not valid. Thus, landlords take a risk by using traditional services. For more information, see our latest article on the subject.

Make the smart choice by using the ProNotif certified email service.


*Before using ProNotif, you must obtain the consent of your tenants. Thus, CORPIQ recommends that when signing a new lease, its members always fill out the Annex to the lease. The parties thus agree to transmit and receive any notice relating to the lease, as well as any communication by any means of transmission accepted by law, including by electronic means to the emails indicated on the lease. 

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