A look back at 2021


The year 2021 has been a successful one for CORPIQ on many levels. Our efforts to represent the interests of landlords in a tumultuous and hostile year against landlords; the launch of our innovative products such as the Electronic Lease; the provision of services to members through our series of events and training; and impeccable advisory services were all reflections of CORPIQ's success in 2021.

A look back at 2021

We are extremely pleased with our accomplishments, and we are sure that you are as well. Know one thing: the best is yet to come in 2022! CORPIQ is indeed deploying relentless growth efforts that will position it as the most important organization in representing the interests of landlords and property managers, and in offering services through its digital tools and events.

Public affairs and media representation

The year 2021 has been a turbulent one, particularly following the various demands of politicians calling for more affordable housing in the wake of rising real estate prices. CORPIQ has multiplied its television and radio appearances, in addition to having provided a multitude of interviews and opinions to various daily newspapers. This fight for the defense of real estate owners has been relentless given the electoral climate at the municipal and federal levels, and the social tensions fueled by the sensationalism of the media putting forward tenants in a situation of desperation. It should be recalled that the summer of 2021 was tense given the issue of housing affordability in a context of soaring real estate prices. CORPIQ has nevertheless set the record straight by demonstrating the urgency of understanding the objective reality of the real estate market by exposing the reality of the lack of housing supply.

A victory for the security deposit

In June 2021, the Tribunal administratif du logement (TAL) ruled that there was a valid agreement between tenants from Europe and a landlord. Since the tenants had no way of being able to accept a credit check against them, they suggested paying the equivalent of three months rent as security, which the landlord agreed to do. By respecting certain criteria, a tenant can waive the protection of article 1904 C.C.Q. and offer an advantageous proposal to be considered as a potential tenant. Thus, it is an accepted agreement between tenant and landlord and becomes an integral part of the lease. This is a victory for CORPIQ that reinforces the victory of the year 2020 when the administrative body of the TAL and the Minister of Housing had publicly confirmed that a security deposit could indeed be legal.



We have been providing summaries of the TAL rulings through our Proprio+ newsletter and in the Proprio magazine. In order to inform our members about the legal aspects of certain conflict situations between tenants and landlords, we want to make housing regulations and laws more understandable. We have also had the privilege of publishing judgments directly related to our members. We thank them for sharing them with CORPIQ and its community.

Digital Products

The most efficient lease on the market made its debut this past February! With the same legality as the traditional paper lease, CORPIQ's Electronic Lease is fast and efficient thanks to its connectivity with the Rental Application and ProprioEnquête.

The tool is user-friendly and designed to facilitate the insertion of all the information necessary to complete a lease for novice or experienced users. Moreover, tips and tricks are suggested to the user during the information entry process. The Building Regulations and the Annex to the Lease are also attached so that these two documents, which are regularly used to clarify the lease agreement, are readily available.

New additions have allowed the Electronic Lease to better respond to the needs of users such as search filters to better manage all leases and their status, the option to modify templates or to create our own template for building regulations. Many other options have been included to make your work easier, which is one more reason to use the Electronic Lease for your next lease!

CORPIQ has acquired Lexop's certified e-mail technology. Thus, this service which serves professionals in the legal field has been integrated into Pronotif under one roof. The Q &A section has been revamped and improved in order to provide in-depth support to all users in the use of the platform.

Kangalou blew out its 6th birthday candles in 2021. An increase of nearly 55% in traffic on its platform compared to the previous year is a testament to its popularity.

Last spring, a vast promotional billboard campaign as well as a radio campaign in partnership with Cogeco and Martin Mcguire, responsible for the description of the Montreal Canadiens games, fueled the platform's visibility.

The Kangalou brigade once again hit the streets of Montreal on July 1st in search of tenants in the process of moving. Supported by a social media contest, Kangalou reached thousands of online users through our posts.

Throughout the year and on a regular basis, numerous promotions were sent to members electronically offering packages that make Kangalou a must-see destination for rental listings across the province.


Training, events, webinars, and strategies

More than 20 events were held across the province with thousands of participants. Between training, webinars, or strategies, CORPIQ has relied on knowledge sharing to enhance its service offered to members. By welcoming industry experts from the economic, property management, and legal fields, CORPIQ has ensured that it covers all facets of rental housing issues.

  • IMMO 2021

Decidedly the rental real estate event of the year, IMMO 2021 raised the bar even higher in terms of the quality of the panelists and the exclusivity of the information. Offered in live virtual mode, hundreds of viewers attended conferences on interest rates, the market recovery, opportunities and challenges in real estate, and the meaning of motivation to successfully complete one's projects! A dozen guests were able to present their analysis on various subjects in order to provide an analysis and synthesis of the economic outlook and upcoming issues in rental real estate. In the context of soaring real estate prices, this edition was particularly special to know how to make the most of it.



PROPRIO magazine has continued to focus on quality content that is refined to better synthesize the complex issues of rental real estate. The year 2021 was a busy one due to the general municipal elections. The year 2021 was also marked by the scarcity of lumber on the market, and as a result, a shortage in the pulp and paper industry. Not escaping this fate, PROPRIO magazine was made available in digital format starting in September. Offering interactive content adapted to all types of screens, the digital version of the magazine allowed users to browse all the articles, partner spaces, and featured product placements quickly and efficiently with a single click.

Five editions were produced during the year 2021 including the two digital versions in September and December. A special edition in March highlighted CORPIQ's 40th anniversary with a history of the organization's highlights. The April edition was also special with a "CORPIQ Recognitions" section featuring the top 40 personalities in rental real estate in Quebec. CORPIQ is committed to presenting more and more exclusive interviews with industry professionals and to present position papers to better understand complex issues to defend landlords.

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