Additional problems to the current housing crisis in Montreal

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CORPIQ wishes to mobilize its members to counter the recommendations made by the Commission on Economic and Urban Development and Housing of Montreal. Last June, CORPIQ had already expressed its comments and criticisms regarding the "responsible landlord" certification project and the establishment of a rent register.

Additional problems to the current housing crisis in Montreal

This video is only available in French. An English transcription is available below.

First of all, at the end of the summer period, we find ourselves in the middle of an electoral campaign where the issue of housing will be at the forefront.

This is good news because CORPIQ intends to take a stand in this campaign. In fact, there will be a debate on September 13 so that the candidates in this election can express themselves and take a position on the issues that affect landlords in particular.

As I was saying earlier, in the last few weeks, CORPIQ has taken and will take a position on the issues that affect landlords in Quebec.

The housing sector requires solutions, and it is in this perspective that we have developed a vision that brings together ideas that affect landlords in particular.

A vision that can be broken down into four simple words.

First, a housing crisis. This crisis is solved when we manage to develop new dwellings and this will be a chapter that will be addressed in this vision for the election campaign.

The second aspect will be to finance, because we must finance projects and create a favourable environment for all owners so that projects can be developed.

The third element is to unblock. Unblocking projects with laws and especially regulations, even at the municipal level, that better respond and correspond to the ambitions we have for Quebec.

And finally, there is the issue of protection. Protecting our housing stock, nearly 65% of which was built before 1980.

We wish to present a series of measures to modernize the laws and regulations which I am convinced you will have the opportunity to hear and discover and I invite you, around the publications of the CORPIQ to take note of them.

On this note, I invite you in this electoral campaign, to express yourselves, to become aware of the stakes, but especially to participate in the public debate that awaits us.

Marc-André Plante, Director, Public Affairs and Government Relations

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