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Brisebois Huissier inc

Brisebois Huissier’s bailiffs specialize in numerous fields such as the Rental board (Régie du logement), small claims court and properties. The professionalism of our bailiffs allows us to offer a personalized, fast and inexpensive service.
Brisebois Huissier Inc. provides a comprehensive and efficient service to all holders of Rental board judgments. Our bailiffs will service of all documents relating to your dwellings such a notice of non-payment of rent, a notice of rent increase, a formal demand letter or an ascertainment of your apartment’s condition.
Our team handles all your evictions and seizures procedures (bank account, salary, assets, property). Thanks to our network of partners across the province, we assure an impeccable, easy and effective execution of your judgements at a competitive price.
The bailiff, held by his oath, will give you an authentic detailed report of events or findings.
Please contact us for any questions or further details. Our team will gladly assist you.

Products and services

  • Service of any Rental board procedures and documents;
  • Service and notice of all documents;
  • Execution of judgements issued by the Rental board, small claims court or any other court of justice;
  • Tenant evictions;
  • Preparing documents pertaining to evictions, seizures of bank accounts, salary and any other type of seizures;
  • Ascertainment of your apartment’s condition.

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