Government Relations

The CORPIQ has always had an active political and media presence where it adamantly defends the interests of landlords. Exerting its leadership in lobbying, its role consists of preserving the progress made by landlords, as well as to get governments to implement changes that would permit investing in an environment that would be fairer with regards to justice and more favorable on a socio-economic level.

The housing sector being one that faces countless challenges, CORPIQ prioritizes them according to the level of interest and importance that its members attribute them. Every year, it simultaneously takes action with many ministerial offices, government bodies, municipalities, and tribunals. Furthermore, as the largest landlords’ association in the country, CORPIQ is regularly invited to participate in debates, consultations, and events dealing with housing. It therefore contributes to the prosperity of this socio-economic sector which is essential for the prosperity and well-being of Quebecers.