Where to File a Complaint?

Whether you are a victim of injustice or you want to express your opinion on real estate issues, there are resources to defend yourself and treat your complaints. CORPIQ encourages members to express themselves and assert their rights, as the number of complaints received demonstrates the importance of a problem and causes change.

The Minister and MPs

The Minister responsible for Municipal Affair and Housing is France-Élaine Duranceau.

An owner can contact their own regional deputy to complain of a situation.


The Ombudsman receives complaints from citizens and investigate completely and independently, to ensure that the public's rights are respected. Having seized the request, they transmit recommendations to the relevant authorities if they find that the citizen has actually suffered injustice or unfair treatment.

The Ombudsman deals with complaints against the Quebec government and its agencies, as the Tribunal administratif du logement for example.

The main cities of Quebec also have an ombudsman:

A member who believes he was bullied in his rights by the Tribunal may file a complaint on its website. This should cover it accuses this organization, not the relationship he has with his tenant.

It can also apply to the Council of Administrative Justice if it considers to have suffered a sprained code of ethics of an administrative judge of the Tribunal administratif du logement.

Hydro-Québec and Régie de l'énergie

In case of dispute with the electricity distributor, an owner must first contact their customer service. If the response is unsatisfactory, the next write to the complaints department (Hydro-Quebec for example). If the final answer of the distributor remains unsatisfactory, the complaint must be sent to the Régie de l'énergie for a ruling.