CORPIQ supports Québec's bill on cannabis


In the course of its presentation on January 17 before Minister Lucie Charlebois and the deputies of the Committee on Health and Social Services, CORPIQ issued 8 recommendations pertaining to Bill 157 regulating the legalization of cannabis.

CORPIQ supports Québec's bill on cannabis

These recommendations aim to ensure that the legalization of cannabis for recreational purposes does not become a management burden for homeowners and a source of endless conflict with tenants and the Régie du logement.

We invite you to consult CORPIQ’s brief (in French), where you will find its analysis and recommendations:

  • Maintain the ban on cultivating cannabis for personal use
  • Allow the modification of existing leases to restrict the use of cannabis
  • That authorities exercise efficient and sufficient control in compliance with the law and the leases
  • Quadruple applicable fines
  • Prohibit medical cannabis cultivation at home

Video link (in French)

CORPIQ supports Québec's bill on cannabis 

To download the brief (in French), click on the arrow below.

  • Document: CORPIQ supports Québec's bill on cannabis

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