There is still time to produce your RL-31 slips


As the owner of rental properties, you have until February 28 to produce the RL-31 slips and send them to Revenu Québec and to your tenants and sub-tenants.

There is still time to produce your RL-31 slips

Who must produce the RL-31 slip?

The RL-31 slip must be produced by any person or company that owns an immovable (landlord) and has rented a dwelling for which rent was paid or was payable on December 31, 2017.

This form will allow occupants of the lease as of December 31 2017, if they are eligible, to benefit from the solidarity tax credit. If a public body pays the rent for the tenant, no slip should be produced.

Produce your 31 statements online

Since 2015, you can produce your forms online on the Revenu Québec website. If you have already done this online for the 2016 taxation year, simply refresh the information.

If this is the first time you provide an RL-31 slip, log on to the Revenu Québec website. Once on this page, you will only need to enter your S.I.N., date of birth and civic address. You will then be asked to provide the addresses and the names of your tenants.
After sending this information, you will receive inks to two PDF documents: provide one to the tenant, the second must be kept in your archives.

If you use CORPIQ’s annexe to the lease, a clause specifies that you can send these documents by e-mail to the occupants.
Note that you can only produce five RL-31 slips at a time.

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