A CORPIQ survey confirms the importance of the security deposit


A vast CORPIQ survey conducted in late June confirms the importance for property owners to have the right to demand a security deposit, which would be refunded upon the return of the apartment in good condition.

A CORPIQ survey confirms the importance of the security deposit

In fact, 56% of 1442 respondents said they had been the victim, in the last two years, of at least one tenant who moved-out leaving their home in an unacceptable condition for future tenants.

This statistic reinforces the position of CORPIQ, which is lobbying the Quebec government to finally allow homeowners to ask for a security deposit when signing a lease. "This is the only way to avoid deplorable and costly surprises during the moving period. There is no justification for Quebec to be so late in comparison with what is done elsewhere, "says CORPIQ Public Affairs Director Hans Brouillette.

Allowing landlords to demand a security deposit would encourage better behavior and greater accountability from tenants who leave towards those who move in, believes CORPIQ. This deposit would force a tenant who moves to empty the premises and repair any damages. Even though the Civil Code stipulates that the tenant must "return the property to the state in which it was received", this provision is often not respected.

In addition, legalizing the security deposit would help reduce the number of cases brought annually to the Régie du logement for non-payment of rent, eviction or damages. The owners would prefer to negotiate with the tenant instead of going to court. "We are forced to use the resources of a judicial system already breathless while a security deposit would promote, upstream, the amicable agreement between owners and tenants," says Mr. Brouillette.

According to our most recent survey, the other problems that affect landlords the most when tenants move are: unpaid rent (44% of respondents), material damage during the move (36%) and unreturned keys. (30 %).

At some points in the last two years, have you suffered the following situations ? Yes No
1. When leaving, the tenant left the unit in a state that you consider unacceptable for the next tenant  56% 44% 
2. When leaving, the tenant had not paid rent for the last month and / or abandoned the unit before the end of the lease 44%  56% 

3. On the day of the move, the tenant or the persons hired to help with the move caused damage to property

36%  64% 
4. The tenant left without handing over the keys 30%  70% 
5. The tenant moved into the dwelling with an animal while the lease did not allow it 29%  71% 
6. On the day of the move, there was a conflict between the old and the new tenant regarding arrival / departure time 13%  87% 
7. The new tenant never showed up or decided not to move in 11%  89% 
8. The new tenant moved in without paying the rent for the first month 11%  89% 
9. The tenant continued to occupy the dwelling without the authorization after the end of the lease 8%  92% 
10. The tenant abandoned an animal in the dwelling 5%  95% 

(*) Survey carried out from June 15 to June 25, 2018 among owners of residential rental properties proportionately to the Quebec market. 1442 respondents. Margin error of 2.6%, 19 times out of 20.

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