CORPIQ's electronic lease is here!


CORPIQ is constantly innovating in order to meet the needs of landlords. Think of the development of digital platforms such as Kangalou, ProprioEnquête®, Pronotif® and ProprioLocation, which have marked an important shift in recent years with respect to the accessibility of building management tools for Quebec landlords.

CORPIQ's electronic lease is here!

Today, CORPIQ is launching its most recent creation: The Electronic Lease. This new tool, which complies with the requirements of the Tribunal administratif du logement, replaces traditional paper and makes it possible to complete a lease in just a few clicks. Accessible via the ProprioLocation platform, you will be able to automatically transfer the information contained on the Rental Application to ProprioEnquête® and then to the Electronic Lease.  CORPIQ's tools communicate with each other for optimal results. No more double or even triple data entry! Although the combination of tools is very advantageous and will save you a lot of time, the tools can also be used individually.

In addition to saving precious time, you will avoid costly errors! The Electronic Lease has been designed to ensure that you have completed all sections in the proper manner. In addition, the tool will give you practical tips regarding the different sections. Thanks to its experience and expertise, CORPIQ has been able to identify the elements most often raised during the drafting of a lease.

The Electronic Lease gives you access to the Building regulations and the Annex to the lease, two documents that are regularly updated and exclusive to CORPIQ. An all-in-one formula for landlords and managers.

Once the lease is completed, signatures are obtained electronically with Notarius and you will receive confirmation when done.

Facilitate your property management with leases that almost fill themselves ! 

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