Security deposit: CORPIQ’s priority for 2016


In 2015, the majority of rental property owners have faced the repercussions of more than three weeks of unpaid rent from at least one tenant, according to data obtained by CORPIQ through a survey recently conducted with its members.

Security deposit: CORPIQ’s priority for 2016

We learn among other things that 59% of landlords were in a similar situation at least once in 2015. The figures show that the occurrence of non-payment of rent is on the rise; since a similar survey conducted five years ago revealed that 48% of landlords at the time have experienced the same problem at least once during the year.

These numbers will be useful to CORPIQ, which is currently finalizing a proposal regarding the security deposit and has the intention of submitting it to the Quebec government in early 2016.

In the absence of any protection and after having gone through unfortunate experiences, more and more property owners are reluctant to rent. CORPIQ believes that this has an impact on certain landlord's clientele which would have access to a better choice of housing with a security deposit. CORPIQ wishes to remind that the majority of tenants have the means to pay a security deposit, as is the case anywhere else in the world.

CORPIQ thanks all those who participated in the survey and will reveal its results soon.

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