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Privacy - Collection and use of your information


At the time of registration, personal information is collected for identification purposes whether your name, your address, geolocation data, or any other information deemed relevant to provide the Services . This information, in private, will be used for the purposes of providing the Services and will not be disclosed except in accordance with this Agreement.

Non-Identifying Information

When you visit the Website, obtain non-identifying information, such as IP address, referring URL, browser, operating system, cookie information (cookie) and the provider Internet services. This information helps in analyzing your browsing habits in order to improve the Website. This information can be combined into collective data be shared, but will not disclose your identity or your personal information, and do not allow recipients to contact you. It is also possible to disable the cookies by changing your browser settings.

CORPIQ member information

All information given on the website and for your real estate will in no case disclosed to third parties. They will be used in order to provide you with the Services.

Use uses this information for the purpose of:

  • Provide Services
  • Improve the experience of users;
  • Compile statistics;
  • effectively handle the operations and transactions of the Website;
  • Put you in touch with others facing the rental housing or respond to inquiries;
  • Notify you of updates, information and amendments to, including e-newsletter and notifications of changes to this Agreement;
  • Perform any other actions necessary to protect the safety or for the proper functioning of the Website;
  • Learning about the functioning or services offered by or CORPIQ accordance with the express or implied consent you have given;
  • retention retain your information for the duration that is reasonably needed for the purposes of making services or as required by law. ensures security and confidentiality of your information by using, among others, an authentication mechanism for users, transmission and accommodation including physical and logical security levels commercially reasonable and consistent with best practices in technologies 'information.


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