ProprioLocation allows you to make a rental application to a prospective tenant, a pre-rental screening and sign your lease. All of these steps are done electronically to avoid unnecessary travel and to ensure that each step has been completed in a compliant and secure manner. Save precious time thanks to the connectivity of the tools: the information collected through the Rental Application is automatically transferred to ProprioEnquête and to the Electronic Lease.


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Demande de location

Rental Application
Get information from your future tenants with the Rental Application. This electronic form allows you to enter all the essential information for your pre-rental screening and to pre-fill your lease. You won't need to retype the information anymore, because the tools are connected to simplify your work!


Pre-rental screenings on ProprioEnquête®
Pre-rental screening is essential to renting with peace of mind and ProprioEnquête® is the most comprehensive solution on the market! Check key information such as financial picture, rental references, criminal history and record at the Tribunal administratif du logement.

Bail électronique

Electronic Lease
Complete your lease online and sign it electronically thanks to the integration of the Notarius solution, the digital signature experts. In addition, you will have access to CORPIQ's exclusive Annex and the Building Regulations. You will be guided step by step to fill out each section of the document, without hassle. The lease is recognized by the Tribunal administratif du logement and is legally valid.