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Kangalou is a rental platform that allows you, in a few clicks, to publish your rental listings and find all the elements necessary to manage your property... in one place! Designed by landlords for landlords, this website is free and 100% made in Quebec.


Free and easy to create listings
Easily create a free listing for each of your rental units ! Enter the information about the building and the unit to be listed, then select the attributes that characterize it, among a hundred suggested. You will then have the choice to publish your listing immediately or to save it for later use. There is no limit to the number of photos of your home, the description and the number of listings published.

Innovative visibility packages
Once posted on Kangalou, you have the option to make your listing a priority on the platform. For even more visibility, you could even choose to publish it simultaneously on several rental websites. If you're targeting international students and newcomers, then choose the Globetrotter package or the international à la carte posting option; that's over 100 rental websites in more than 60 countries open to you! Opt for other even more innovative means such as sponsored advertising on Facebook.

A practical and efficient tool
You'll save time and energy thanks to the Kangalou management tool. It allows you to centralize, in one place, all the useful information about your buildings, apartments, tenants or leases. List your rental units from your smartphone, tablet, or computer and save your listings once and reactivate them at any time!



Publish on Kangalou



Kangalou ProprioMarché

Kangalou and ProprioMarché offer you the possibility to retouch your photos, to get a sign to advertise your apartment and to create a personalized website synchronized with Kangalou.


Retouche photo

Virtual housekeeping and photo editing
Show your dwellings in their best light. Send your photos electronically for correction. Make small changes or more ambitious touch-ups, such as upcoming renovations.

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Pancarte à louer

"For rent" sign and sticker
Outdoor advertising allows you to directly reach the rental clientele in your neighborhood. Order it online and have it delivered directly to your home!

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Site web personnalisé

Creation of a website
Get a professional and personalized website in just a few minutes by choosing from several templates. Showcase your homes and manage your rental listings and all your apartments in a user-friendly way. In addition, your listings on Kangalou will be synchronized for maximum visibility.

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