Lease, Sample Letters and Forms

ProprioLocation now offers an electronic lease! Legally valid and compliant with the lease of the Tribunal administratif du logement.

The information from the rental application is transferred to the Electronic lease for instant results.

Save time and avoid the risk of error! Go to ProprioLocation to discover all the advantages of the new Electronic lease.

The building regulations and the CORPIQ annex are also available in this revolutionary new tool!

Lease, buildings regulations and appendix to the lease agreement
Order official Tribunal administratif du logement leases (in French and English) through our website and benefit from a 10% discount. In addition, with the purchase of a lease form, get the Building Regulations and Appendix to the lease agreement for free, two documents which are exclusive to CORPIQ.

Sample letters and forms
Find out more than seventy sample letters and forms that will help you with the management of your real estate properties. Available both in French and English, these letters comply with the Civil Code of Quebec requirements and cover situations such as rental application, default of payment notice, lease renewal notice, quiet enjoyment of the premises and much more.

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