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The corpiq.com website (the "Website") is operated by the Corporation of property owners in Quebec inc. ("CORPIQ"). The Website provides its users (the "User" or "you") an online platform that allows information to made available to members (the "Services").

These Terms of Use constitute a legal agreement between you and CORPIQ in access and use of the Website (the "Agreement" or "Terms of Use"). PLEASE READ THESE TERMS OF USE CAREFULLY before browsing the site. This Agreement between you and apply as soon as you use one of the Website features. IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO ACCEPT ITS TERMS, PLEASE DISCONTINUE ANY USE OF THE WEBSITE.

This Agreement is governed by and construed in accordance with applicable laws in the Province of Quebec, regardless to any principles of conflicts of laws.

The Terms of Use may be changed by CORPIQ at any time and in its sole discretion.


"CORPIQ" refers both to the entity that operates the Website, application, or service offered in combination all or part of the above definitions;

"Content" means all the textual and visual elements (photos, videos, logos) used on corpiq.com

"Member" means the person using the corpiq.com Services as an active member of the CORPIQ or a person duly authorized by the member (as a delegate or manager);

"User" means any person who uses the corpiq.com Services;

"Services" means the various resources available through the corpiq.com platform. The Services, including updates, upgrades, new features and are subject to terms of use.


To register and use the Services, you must:

  1. provide information that is, accurate, current and complete;
  2. not use the service on behalf of an individual other than yourself, unless authorized in writing by the member (if he has designated you as a delegate);
  3. to the extent that you are acting for a partnership or a corporation, declare and guarantee you are authorized to enter into this Agreement;
  4. not to use the account and password of someone else or attempting to access the account of another person;
  5. provide personal information may be considered necessary to provide the Services.

You may use the Services only in the manner and on the terms described herein and in accordance with applicable laws. Any use for purposes of republication, replay, resale or other exploitation of the content is prohibited.

You will be responsible for any loss, damages, and additional costs that you, Corpiq.com or any other person can incur due to the fact that you have provided false, inaccurate, incorrect or incomplete information or due to your failure to update information on your user account and information regarding your payment.

The User agrees to compensate Corpiq.com for any amount it could be required to pay as damages because of an act or omission which would be attributable to the User.

User account and password

Some of the features available on the Website require registration. When this is the case, you agree to provide all truthful and timely information about you, and to promptly update this information if necessary to ensure it remains accurate and complete. You also acknowledge that you are responsible:

  1. to maintain the confidentiality of passwords you choose or that are assigned to you following your registration;
  2. of any activity that occurs under your user name or password;
  3. to leave the site safely and disconnect from your account at the end of each session;
  4. to immediately change your password if the confidentiality of it is compromised;
  5. to notify Corpiq.com immediately of any unauthorized use of your username or password.

The user account remains the property of Corpiq.com and may be canceled or suspended at any time and without notice in the event of default or risk to the integrity of the Website, without liability for CORPIQ. com to you or any other person.

When you create a user account, you confirm that the email address you provide and linked to your user account is an active address to which you agree to receive any document that is intended for you and that will be transmitted through the Services, and confirm that the transmission of a document to that address or your user account will result in a presumption of receipt by you.

General subscription and renewal conditions

By subscribing or renewing your subscription to CORPIQ, you hereby implicitly accept all of the following conditions:

Acceptance of conditions

  • The subscriber recognises having read, at the time of confirmation of subscription or renewal, the general conditions described herewith and unequivocally accepts them.
  • The general subscription and renewal conditions govern the contractual relationships between CORPIQ and the subscriber, both parties having accepted them unequivocally.
  • The general subscription and renewal conditions prevail over any other condition appearing in any other document, except with an express and written prior exemption.
  • The membership number figuring at the end of the subscription transaction constitutes proof of the nature, content, and date of subscription.
  • CORPIQ reserves the right to cancel any member’s subscription with whom would exist a conflict relative to payment for services rendered by CORPIQ or from a previous subscription.
  • The duration of the subscription to CORPIQ is for a period determined by the term selected during the subscription or renewal. At the end of each contractual period, the services associated with the subscription will no longer be available.


  • All prices are listed in Canadian Dollars.


  • The subscription and renewal are considered to be final once the transaction has been authorised. No refunds will be possible once the payment is received.


  • Payment is to be made online by VISA or MasterCard.
  • In the event of a denied transaction through Moneris, the subscription or renewal will not be possible online and will need to be made by telephone.
  • Taxes are calculated according to the billing information you provide us at the time of purchase.
  • Some services offered by CORPIQ are not covered by the subscription fee.

Legal information

  • The personal information collected is mandatory; this information is essential for the processing of the transaction and for the establishment of invoices.
  • All the information you provide will be used to process your subscription and will under no circumstances be reused outside our corporation or distributed to third parties, EXCEPT for Lowe's Canada to allow you to be eligible for discounts at participating RONA and Réno-Dépôt stores.

Consulting services

  • The real estate management advice offered by telephone is free.  They can be used as many times as necessary during a year, however CORPIQ reserves the right to limit the number of calls when there is a use deemed to be abusive. Please note that on-site consultations are by appointment only and may be billed. The advice offered is to the best of our knowledge given the situation presented. CORPIQ is not responsible for any error, omission or any other consideration that could lead to prejudice. In legal matters, advisors provide information in the same manner as an agent. The consultants do not practice any legal act and do not give any legal advice. If you need a legal act or legal advice, the advisor will put you in contact with a lawyer who is a member of the CORPIQ's partner network.

Terms of Services

Corpiq.com can modify and further develop the Services and the Website without notice.

Corpiq.com aims to ensure optimal access and availability for the highest possible service. Corpiq.com cannot, however, ensure uninterrupted access to Web Services and the Website or the availability of public networks, and reserves its right to discontinue the Services and access to them and to the Website, particularly in the following cases:

  • For maintenance needs of services, including updates;
  • For the improvement and installation of new features;
  • For verification and audit of the proper operation and use of the Services;
  • In case of failure or risk failure.

Corpiq.com reserves the right to set a maximum amount of disk space and maximum amount of content that can be stored on its servers.

Corpiq.com makes backup copies of the seized documents and data transmitted and hosted as part of using the Services, but can not guarantee that there will be no loss of data or documents on transfer or on its servers, and can be charged any liability whatsoever for any loss arising from such loss. Therefore it is your responsibility to keep copies of valid data and documents seized transmitted or made in connection with the use of the Services.


Some services are offered at no cost to the user, while other services are not free. The User agrees to read pricing and pay the fees, when applicable, in accordance with the conditions set out on the Website, including the event of failure of the Website while the service was rendered.

Mobile charges

Your mobile operator may charge a fee on data, text messages or other communications made on its network in the context of the use of Corpiq.com service, for which Corpiq.com not responsible. Corpiq.com advises its users to contact their mobile operator to determine the exact costs incurred in connection with their use of Corpiq.com service.


You agree not to copy, distribute, display, distribute or reproduce any information contained on the Website without having received prior written authorization Corpiq.com. All articles, text, graphics, images, photographs, information, videos, software and codes available on the Website, including how the content is presented, are protected by Canadian laws and Foreign, especially with regard to copyright and belong to CORPIQ.


"Corpiq.com" is a trademark used by the Corporation des propriétaires immobiliers du Québec to identify the Website, service and business related thereto. You agree not to use the name or logo without the prior written agreement CORPIQ.

Liability waiver and disclaimer

Corpiq.com, suppliers, partners and their respective directors, officers, employees, consultants shall in no way be liable for any damage arising in any way from the access or use of the Website.

Corpiq.com does not guarantee the accuracy or conformity of content published on the Website, and you agree to be aware that Content submitted by users of the Website are published as is without prior verification.

Corpiq.com is not responsible for defects in providing the Services, including any failure, disturbance, interruption, delay, planned or not, intentional or not, of the Website which could limit access to or use of Website temporarily or permanently.

You acknowledge that Corpiq.com is not responsible for events beyond its control, including, acts of God, war, insurrection, riot, terrorism, crime, labor shortages (including strikes and lawful illegal), embargoes, communication disruption, unavailability of payment processors, failure or lack of infrastructure, or any event beyond the control of Corpiq.com.


Corpiq.com reserves the right to terminate this Agreement and / or terminate your right to use the Website or any part thereof, and any other license granted to you under this Agreement at any time without cause and without prior notice and at its sole discretion. You agree that at the request of Corpiq.com, you will take immediate action to stop any use of Corpiq.com and retrieve your content within a maximum of thirty (30) days of termination.


You may not assign your rights and / or obligations under this agreement to another party without the prior written consent of Corpiq.com. Corpiq.com may assign its rights and / or obligations under this agreement to any other party at its discretion.

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